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Sky Vibes

I’ve had an obsession with the sky, clouds, moon etc for as long as I can remember! I have a memory of being 8 or 9 & asking to use my grandmas camera to take some pics of the pink sky as the sun was setting & used the entire roll of film (remember rolls of film??) I’m pretty much the same now except my iPhone tells me I’m out of storage. Since I have way too many sky photos in my photo I’ve decided to do a weekly sky post to show off my favorites of the week!            

Evolution Salt Company//Salt Lamps

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing awesome & getting into the holiday spirit! Today I wanted to share one of my favorite things-salt lamps! I have been a lover of salt lamps for years now. My go-to brand is Evolution Salt! They have the highest quality lamps (& pink himalayan salt) in the world. Tons of people ask me why get a salt lamp?? Well, besides the fact that I just love their vibe & how beautiful they look in any room, there are a bunch of benefits! Here’s a quote directly from : “Salt lamps emit negative ions, which work like natural ionizers keeping the air clean. Negative ions attach themselves to dust, pollen, mold, fungus and odors. This is known to be very beneficial for respiratory health. Salt lamps also minimize the effect of positive ions from EMF’s and electronic devices, while the natural color of the lamp reinforces the rejuvenating and healing influence.” And because I love them so much we’re doing a giveaway! You must enter on Instagram! Check out …